Sophie Lain


Travel Junction

Brief: Travel Junction is a new entrant in the travel aggregation sector, with relatively small budgets compared to their rivals.

Strategy: Disrupt behaviour patterns of online travel bookers.

We created a ‘positively unconventional’ brand identity that then dictated the direction of all our creative, including a competition mechanic centered around a large scale online gaming experience.

Homepage and search results on website

Banner ads


Landing page for online game

A clean, energetic, responsive design made it easy for players to engage with the game, and immerse themselves in the competition while watching other towels drop and move along the beach in realtime.

UX for online game

Banner ads for online game

After 8 weeks and 57 prizes allocations, we had 22,698 towels on the beach from 3,602 frequent players. And from 53,230 unique visitors we had 3,025 shares giving us a social acquisition of 24, 876 at a whopping 32.84%.


Client: Travel Junction
Senior Art Director: Jonathan Sant
Designers: Morgan Coyle and Jak Colgate
Junior Copywriter: Sophie Lain
Creative Director: Ryan Wylie
Agency: Cubo